How to Ride A Donkey in Blockheads?

So you’ve just started playing Blockheads and you’re stuck on how to ride a donkey. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about riding a donkey in Blockheads.

You Need A Donkey

Before you can ride a donkey, you need to have one. So, you can purchase a donkey from the Donkey Dealer, which is found in every town. The price of the donkey will depend on how many donkeys are for sale and how many people are looking to buy one. If there are more people looking to buy donkeys than there are available, the price will be higher. To find the Donkey Dealer, open up your map and look for the green icon with a donkey head inside of it. So, this is where the Donkey Dealer can be found.

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How to Get A Donkey?

To get a donkey in Blockheads, you’ll first need to find a hay bale. These can be generated randomly in the world, or purchased from the donkey seller NPC. Once you have a hay bale, approach a donkey and press the “use” button. If the donkey is friendly, it will allow you to mount it. You can then control the donkey by using the WASD keys.

How to Ride the Donkey?

The donkey is a rideable animal that can be spawned in the wild or purchased from the Farmer. The donkey can be ridden by any player once they have tamed it, and will follow any directions the player gives it. Right-clicking on the donkey will open up a menu with options to mount, dismount, or view statistics. Once mounted, the player can use WASD keys to control movement, and spacebar to make the donkey jump.


In this post, we’ve learned how to ride a donkey in Blockheads. You need a donkey to ride, and you can get one by taming it or by purchasing one from the market. Once you have your donkey, you can ride it by holding on to its reins. Thanks for reading!

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